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At his residence with Satoshi, he gives proof of the prevented Music Room incident. Once Rui provides him he Be aware, he proceeds to stab it along with his dagger multiple instances and practically kills Rui from the ensuing damage due to the Observe being akin to a bodily manifestation of the individual’s soul until Tsubasa and gelsadra rush to Rui’s rescue. At this point, Rizumu quickly surrenders and is apprehended. After she turns contaminated by being bitten on the precise arm by the zombified Megumi, she is outwardly cured by way of an antidote. She was formerly in love with an unnamed upperclassman, and when the zombie outbreak occurred, her crush was bitten and attacked. At the time, San-X ordered staff members to create one character per 30 days.

Mayaka Ibara is launched, and Hōtarō solves another thriller concerning an ebook recurrently borrowed from the library for a brief period, which is utilized by the Art Club for drawings. They are interrupted by Satoshi Fukube, and as Hōtarō tries to depart, he’s stopped by Eru, who wants to understand how the room was locked. The animals combat a dropping battle to retrieve the Emeralds until Chaos absorbs all seven and becomes big in his excellent type. Still, an echidna woman named Tikal, who entombed herself and Chaos within the Grasp Emerald millennia, emerges to help soothe him. The subsequent day he tips Eru into specializing in a made-up mystery to save her from dragging him to the distant music Room and wasting his power fixing one other thriller.

As Eru is confident that she will clear up her uncle’s thriller from the anthologies, the first version of the anthology is revealed to be lacking, shocking her. Eru discusses the thriller of her uncle, whose phrases made her cry when she was young. He meets Eru Chitanda in the membership room, and after a quick communication, he wonders why she was in a position to enter the room and not using a key, which he obtained earlier. As they could not discover the previous anthologies from the Classic Literature Membership within the library, Eru is upset because she wants to make an anthology for the upcoming Culture Festival. Hōtarō is awakened by Eru’s phone name the following day, and as he meets up with her in a café, she admits to having a confession.