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She then realizes that the spirit of this river, Kohaku River, and her buddy Haku are the same, thus revealing Haku’s actual identity, Nigihayami Kohakunushi, which interprets to God of the Swift Amber River. At this realization, Haku’s dragon type is molted away, and he is freed from Yubaba’s management. In this difficult atmosphere, Chihiro comes alive. En route to the bathhouse, Chihiro remembers a suggested meeting with Haku: some time ago, she had fallen right into a river and was rescued by the river’s spirit. Within the bathhouse, Yubaba discovers Boh’s absence and is enraged. Like Boh and the hummingbird, Haku and Sen fly again to the bathhouse, leaving No-Face to dwell with Zeniba as her assistant.

No-Face reverts to his former dimension and timid personality and, with Sen and Boh, take the sea railway and journey by practice to Zeniba’s faraway cottage at Swamp Bottom. At Zeniba’s home, Sen gives the sigil again to Zeniba, apologizing for having squished the black slug. Sen manages to solve the issue by feeding No-Face the remaining emetic, making him regurgitate several million heaps of black poison and the bathhouse staff. He leads him out of the bathhouse. He additionally chokes up a black slug which Sen Squishes, but Haku remains unconscious. Yubaba accepts and promises to set Sen one last activity. An amused Zeniba reveals that the slug had been one of Yubaba’s techniques of controlling Haku and that the curse placed on the seal has already been damaged by Sen’s friendship.

Haku, now revived and restored to his human type, offers Boh’s safe return in exchange for sen and her dad and mom being freed and restored to regular. He explained in detail the motion of Haku, in the type of a dragon, falling to the ground, similar to a lizard or a green snake wriggling on a wall and abruptly collapsing. These extra traces are from Chihiro’s dad and herself; her dad worries about her having to stay someplace else and go to a different college, but Chihiro replies that she thinks she will be able to handle it. Ghibli stationery The bathhouse staff cheers as Chihiro breaks her contract from Yubaba. Sen is scared to discover that she has forgotten her name, Chihiro.