FUT 21 - Eric Bailly FUT Birthday SBC

FUT 21 – Eric Bailly FUT Birthday SBC

FUT 21 has been receiving plenty of player card upgrades recently, but most of them have been focusing primarily on offensive players on the pitch.

Due to the minimal introduction of defensive player cards for you to recruit, herein comes a new centre-back for you to consider recruiting into your current FUT 21 line-up – Manchester United’s Eric Bailly!

Representing Ivory Coast in the international scenes, the defender will be enjoying an upgraded 87-rated player card in the game with this latest FUT Birthday improvement.

Here are his overall stats for the new player card:

Physical: 87

Defensive: 87

Pace: 82

Dribbling: 72

Passing: 70

Shooting: 52

Primarily a central defender, Bailly sports great attributes to help you protect the backline from oncoming goal threats.

So how do you recruit the Manchester United star into your in-game team?

Here is his Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) objective that you will need to complete beforehand:

Eric Bailly

Minimum number of players from Premier League: 1

Minimum number of In-Form (IF) Players: 1

Minimum Squad Rating: 86

Minimum Team Chemistry: 50

Minimum number of players: 11

It would seem that his SBC requirements are not as strict as other FUT Birthday player cards recently released, though his deadline of 11th April 2021 would require you to complete the objective quickly before the time runs out.

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